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Welcome to Credit Coach - The Credit Experts

Credit Coach has been assisting good people like you in the Oklahoma City market since 2007. Proprietor Rebecca Estep is experienced, licensed and bonded.

That translates into a firm business conviction and a Full Money Back Guarantee! The Credit Coach will go over all three of your Credit reports (one item at a time) and discuss all your options. Education is the real power especially when you feel alone and defenseless.

Credit Repair is a team effort between the client and the coaching staff. If both parties work together, credit can be repaired. Simply, Ms. Estep does what she says she will do but she needs your help to accomplish the ultimate goal. Ms. Estep at Credit Coach will help educate you how to avoid common pitfalls and open (restore) new lines of credit.

The Credit Coach will literally teach you how to purchase a car or home for yourself.

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