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Becky Estep
President and CEO

Growing up I have always been interested in helping people from, Cleaning Houses, to Real Estate, to Mortgage Broker, to Helping People with their Credit. How Did I get into this industry???  I was approached by a “Credit Repair Specialist” when I was a Mortgage Broker, and I thought to myself this is great! Someone that can help me get more loans for people to be able to purchase houses.  The more I worked with this “Credit Repair Specialist” I thought I would really like to do this too.  He worked out of Arkansas, so it only made sense for me to work out of Oklahoma too.  If you have heard rumors about  “Credit Repair Specialist” or had a bad experience, then you probably know what I am going to say next,  I got my first 10 people enrolled in his credit repair program……..I called one day to see how everything was going, and the number was disconnected!!!!

So I chose to go learn from someone else.  I made sure that my first 10 customers were taken care of, and I have moved on from there.  I have been doing this for the last 8+ years.  I really love teaching people about credit and what is on their credit report.  This is truly something that should be taught in school, but since it is not, I am here to make sure that anyone that sits in front of me gets a good foundation about credit, credit scores, their credit report, how to increase credit scores.

I also show them what they should be doing in order to be able to buy a house, what they shouldn’t do and why.  Even if they have good credit, I can show them tricks and give them valuable tips on what to do to make it even better. I look forward to working with and being there for my clients.  I take pride in being there for each and every one of my clients in order to help them build on their dreams and credit freedom.

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