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Kyle E
Elk City, OK
My name is Kyle E. Six months ago I applied for a home loan through our local bank. I was devastated when I was denied because of my low credit scores. The loan officer suggested I try Credit Coach. I really didn't know what Credit coach was or what they did and at first I didn't call. I thought I could improve my score on my own. After a month and a half of "doing things on my own," I decided maybe I needed some help and I called the girls at Credit Coach. They gave me a list of things to do if I wanted to improve my score. I followed their instructions to the letter, while they were doing their work on my credit. Now, four months later, I am under purchasing contract for my first home. I would have never believed 6 months ago, my scores would have improved so greatly that I would be able to secure a home loan. This is all because of the help from Credit Coach! I cannot say enough good things about how friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic the Credit Coach staff is. THANK YOU so much!!!!
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