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Jeff N.
Kansas City, Missouri

I’m a 50 year old Entrepreneur that thought I knew it all. I had retired after 28 years of Government service as a Army Officer been running a successful Government contracting business for almost 10 years and very stressed out living day to day wondering how I was going to make sure all the bills were paid. Then I met Mr. Smith and his first question was where is your Business Credit coming from? My response I have none I built what I have with my own money and I hated being indebt. He then proceeded to sit me down and show me how I could live debt free and pay my bills all in my Business name without hitting my personnel credit, my business TRIPPLED overnight and I sleep much better what an overnight relief!! I whole heartedly recommend looking into the processes that are taught and the possibilities are endless. Thank you so much Derrick Smith and the Business Funding LLC Team!

Jeff N. CEO Newieco Solutions LLC


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