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Becky Estep has been repairing credit reports for both personal and businesses for over a decade. We offer managed programs as well as one on one coaching so that you can learn how to fix and grow your credit profiles.

We Don’t Just Repair Your Credit, We Teach You To Grow It

I approached Becky in early 2018 and had a credit score of below 550. Since then I have done everything she has told me to do and now the highest one is at 790. Soon, I will be able to buy a house and do many other things with my credit that I was not able to do before. Becky is an expert in this industry and I give her my highest recommendation. Thank you, Becky!!
Sung Kang
Sung Kang
19:20 11 Jan 19
About 2 months ago me and my wife began trying to get our first house my credit was not the best and was told I would not be able to get a house without bringing my credit score up. I was referred to Becky and was in Her office the next day. After a month my score took a huge jump and thanks to Becky and here team we are buying our first house. Anyone who has credit issues should see Becky and her team they do great work and give you so much information that will help you not only build your credit but keep your credit score up. I cannot thank them enough for helping us achieve our dream of owning a home. Thanks Tim
Tim Black
Tim Black
20:24 28 Nov 18
I hope someone will just take the time and bare with me on this review. This is the God Honest Truth! So about 8 months ago my husband and I were upgrading my wedding ring; we visited Helzberg. The saleslady had suggested Mrs. Becky to assist us with some of our credit concerns. She provided the number and brief convenient location -- "she's so good and she's local. She's right on NWExpy!" Is what she said. 3 months ago my husband and I decided he needed a new car. A gentleman provided name and number of " Coldest legit rep that is guaranteed to help or he would pay the monthly fee" until we were satisfied. Well just this past weekend we agreed it was time to buy our first home together. Well this is no cake walk so you want the BEST possible interest rate out the gate. So we consulted with HomeMortgage Lending (Chris) who ONCE AGAIN HAS REFERRED to none other than the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, COLDEST LEGIT CREDIT QUEEN in Oklahoma City... Mrs. Becky, NWEXPY! Now although things are just NOT bad, they could be worse but we are about to begin this work with Mrs. Becky and anticipations are high... I'll be updating once we close on the house of our dreams with the BEST INTEREST Rate possible... Updates.... to come soon.Hopeful and Excited.... it was meant to be.R Jackson
Rita Jackson
Rita Jackson
23:36 20 Nov 18
I spoke to Becky and she helped me figure out what to do with my credit issues right over the phone! She stopped me from making a big mistake with my credit cards! She is a total gem!
Ive Sabrina
Ive Sabrina
16:18 21 Aug 18
Don’t get stuck with a low credit score and not letting your dream’s come true, let them help you. My credit score is now 720. 5 ⭐️.
Shane Jones
Shane Jones
17:53 31 Jul 18
With the help of Credit Coach I was able to raise my credit score over 200 points and I am now in the mid 700's. Thank you for this life changing experience!
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
13:54 24 Apr 18
I had some specific questions about my credit report and a report debt collection agency that reported a bill that I had been paying on. I called Credit Coach. Becky answered all of my questions, explained how reporting works, and helped me work through my next steps. She was very kind and within a few minutes she had relieved my concerns. I highly recommend if you have any questions or concerns about your credit score that you give Credit Coach a call!!!! Thank you Becky! ~Billie
Billie Geffre
Billie Geffre
20:20 23 Mar 18
I️ would recommend anyone trying to repair their credit to see Credit Coach. They are extremely effective and efficient. They were able to do wonders for my credit.
Britney Kern
Britney Kern
19:54 04 Dec 17

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Take Your Time

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We can help you find the perfect credit cards, mortgage offers or car loans custom fit to your credit profile

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Good credit is comprised of good choices, solid payment history & other easy to understand factors. Ultimately by learning the discipline that creates solid credit profiles you will be able to flourish financially. Get that new house or that 0% car loan – get used to hearing “you’re approved”!


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Professional athletes have a coach, why can’t you? Let us teach you good habits.


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Your chances of succeeding at business dramatically improve with borrowing power. Being able to handle unexpected expenses or finance inventory is a critical tool that top business owners use to win over and over. When are you going to join the club of successful business owners?


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