Personal Credit Repair

The Credit Coach Queen will go over all three of your Credit reports (one item at a time)
and discuss all your options. Education is the real power especially when you
feel alone and defenseless.

Basic Credit Repair

$149 Down & $99 A Month – No Contract

We dispute all of the erroneous information on the credit report, try to get as many things deleted as possible, we work on building existing credit and work on building new credit.

We Don’t Just Repair Your Credit, We Teach You To Grow It

I spoke to Becky and she helped me figure out what to do with my credit issues right over the phone! She stopped me from making a big mistake with my credit cards! She is a total gem!
Ive Sabrina
Ive Sabrina
16:18 21 Aug 18
Don’t get stuck with a low credit score and not letting your dream’s come true, let them help you. My credit score is now 720. 5 ⭐️.
Shane Jones
Shane Jones
17:53 31 Jul 18
With the help of Credit Coach I was able to raise my credit score over 200 points and I am now in the mid 700's. Thank you for this life changing experience!
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
13:54 24 Apr 18
I had some specific questions about my credit report and a report debt collection agency that reported a bill that I had been paying on. I called Credit Coach. Becky answered all of my questions, explained how reporting works, and helped me work through my next steps. She was very kind and within a few minutes she had relieved my concerns. I highly recommend if you have any questions or concerns about your credit score that you give Credit Coach a call!!!! Thank you Becky! ~Billie
Billie Geffre
Billie Geffre
20:20 23 Mar 18
I️ would recommend anyone trying to repair their credit to see Credit Coach. They are extremely effective and efficient. They were able to do wonders for my credit.
Britney Kern
Britney Kern
19:54 04 Dec 17

credit repair from
the credit queen

together we can
fix your credit issues

We help people be able to buy a home, get better rates on vehicles & much more.We have a cancel at anytime policy, you start seeing results in the first 45 days our average client takes 6-8 month. The fee is affordable – It’s a $149 audit fee / $99 a month.

What are you waiting for?

You do not have to live a moment longer with bad credit, Becky is ready to schedule your free consultation today. Answer a few short questions so that we can get to know you and we will customize a plan just for you!

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